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3/25/09 02:26 am - long time no post

long story but i might be back to three hots n a cot before long.. but keep hope alive n your fingers crossed for me. in all honesty, i've been walking the straight and narrow lately. no trips out of state, no moving shit, no using shit, got rid of alot of negative influences in my life.. even chilled on smoking cigs.. but karma's a bitch. some dirt from mid '08 has reared its ugly head, so if you dont see me around for a minute.. well, you can figure it out.

that said, here are some lines/concepts ive had in wordpad for awhile and never used.. so i thought i'd post them here, incase my computer gets wiped or what have you during my trip..

something about getting high off thc - the hiphop community
still tryin to get to heaven just to yell at aaliyah
legend like tri-force.. leave a trail of _ mummified in mic cords
my love is deep like the ocean girl, come catch some crabs

so, they're not vocabulary gold.. but for some reason i held on to them for this long, so i thought what the hell.. and if yall are still around after whatever storms ahead pass, im sure ill come out of the cage with a book of rhymes or two up my sleeve.

on the real, i meant to buy a mic and take myself seriously, its been a constant thought since ive been sober/straight.. but im just a slacker like that, i guess. but i still love writing.. still love hiphop, and its safe to say i always will.. so theres always tomorrow.. right? or is that mentality my problem? either way, i dont exactly have the time to contemplate.

anyway.. sorry i neglected this, because odds are no one really reads the shit anymore (i know its been over a year n change).., and not to sound like a bitch, but uno, support is always helpful in times like these.

ps. adam, grow the fuck up dumbass.

til next time. hold it down.

2/19/08 06:11 am - im the mechanic, i use the hammer to fix shit

i've never been that big on 50.. but the body snatchers mixtape is hot. please believe.

for those of you who've been around for a while.. you might remember a skirt named whitney. she's my dudes sister. she wrote me the whole time i was locked up. then when i got out, she... started dating my cousin? i didnt understand either, don't feel bad. either way, she's managed to work her way back into my life.. to an extent. im not that stupid. im not sure what she's up to.. but im curious.. and i know thats not a good thing.

does anybody out there know what a pepperoni roll is?

i need to get back into college. all this time on my hands is going to get me in trouble.

i also need some new gear. just because.

check please.

2/14/08 10:27 pm - look ma, im gangster

poppin like handguns.. bust the internal chamber and1
im eatin, leave your hot sauce leakin, serve me the paper and some
you stand tough with hands up but bullets can chew through you
i leave you saturated, and give a new hue to you
i use voodoo and sourcery.. must be the source of me
sick shooter with six shooters, if you want it then take it forcefully

not shit going on lately. boredom.

figured i'd throw an update on here...

copped the bad ass grasshopper mixtape after some young heads at the park said it was pretty good. once i listened to the first few tracks i called and asked them if they wanted to buy any crack. i figured thats what they were smoking after calling it quality music. i guess its not that bad... just not me. corny.

talking to a lot of new females. nice.

and an old one who resurfaced. meh..

im not sure if its good or bad yet.. but im pretty sure shes up to something.

i think im gonna buy a 30GB ipod off my dudes sister. yeah..

1/23/08 03:45 pm - Fresh Air..

Though slept on by many (including myself)... don't get it twisted.

Dirty Acres is a banger.

Now go. Discover. (or Re-discover)


1/15/08 01:06 pm - needles and venom

leavin the (w)rappers bloody, i bring beef with my presence
flows sick and they call my discs lethal injections

1/14/08 04:31 am - my advice is if you get shot down.. get the fuck up

Until it gets warm and stays warm, I'll probably be around the house most of the time. So I figured I'd try to throw some shit up here once in a while..

Top 10 Songs Of The Month

10. Rotten Apple - 50 Cent
Album: Guess Who's Back?
Before you could find him in the club with a bottle full of bub, he was outside in the parking lot choking whores and pushing crack. This song has a straight up in your face dirty/grimey feel to it and I dig it.

09. Hi-Road - 40 Cal
Album: Broken Safety 2
I had to show Dipset some love. This whole album is pretty solid, but this is one of the few laid back tracks.. which is something you won't catch me bumping often. So I figured if I liked it, there had to be something good about it..

08. Intro (The Hustla vs. B.A.R.S.) - Cassidy
Album: B.A.R.S.
It took a minute for this song (..whole album) to grow on me, which was kind of nutty since I always thought pretty highly of Cass. Either way, this track is hot and you can't say dude don't got one of the best flow's with his words. Plus its just a sick concept to battle yourself.

07. Look In My Eyes - Jadakiss
Album: Al Qaeda Jada
I haven't taken the time to listen to the rest of this Mixtape.. everytime I try, I just end up with this song stuck on repeat. Yeah.. that hard.

06. Dopefiend's Diner - 2Pac
Album: Best Of 2Pac Part II: Life
When I first heard they were releasing a new collection of 'Pac tunes, I wasn't exactly excited.. until I listened to one track. To me, dude is still captivating with his words.. all it took was one song and I ended up with a two disc set sitting in front of me. This song has a weird flow.. infact, I'm not sure whether to even consider it a rap or not. The storytelling is ill though and hey.. it's 2Pac.

05. The Art Of Storytellin Part 4 - Outkast & Marsha Ambrosiu
Album: DJ Drama: Gangsta Grillz (The Album)
You know with Outkast and Drama together, it's heat. I'm still not sure what half of the song means.. but what can I say? I'm a sucker for horns.

04. Walk Wit Me - Freeway, Busta Rhymes & Jadakiss
Album: Free At Last
In my opinion, this CD was one of the best releases of '07. Which is weird to me, because I haven't heard shit about it... but maybe I'm just out of the loop. From start to finish I think this track is ill though. Welcome back Free.

03. Invisible Felon - The Game
Album: Nu Jerzey Devil & DJ Skee: You Know What It Is, Vol. 4
I've been on a big Game trip lately, and I think this song has something to do with it. It's a given the beat is fire.. but Game's flow was sick on this too. Check it out.

02. Promise (Go And Get Your Tickets Mix) - Ciara & R Kelly
Album: The Evolution
For some reason, I find this song pretty catchy. I've always been a pretty big Kells fan, I guess.. so maybe I'm a little biased. Either way, I dig it.

01. I'm Me - Lil Wayne
Album: The Leak: The Carter III EP
'I know the game is crazy, it's more crazy than it's ever been.. I'm married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Feder-lin.' Hahaha.. 'nuff said.

My taste in music is constantly changing/evolving.. I still bump Murs and Immortal Technique.. and I couldnt resist but to check out the Dirty Acres album... but I've strayed away from most of the underground cats.. but who's to say that that's necessarily a bad thing? I have noticed that I don't really write much anymore.. but I'm not sure if that has anything to with it or not.. I'd say it plays some type of roll.. right?

12/11/07 02:26 am - Emma?

a late night, she needs to blow off some smoke, the candles lit
but hes drunk, he just turns over, couldnt handle it
she snaps and zips, sick of messin with dulls, she wants a sharp tack
so she left him and went right to the bar, threw a shot back
cocked back, ready to fire a round, triggered
she wants a taste of life, hennesey, vodka and crown liquor
now its loud, bigger, better, but spinnin, it moves faster
shes stumbling, a guy caught up in himself just moves past her
two catch her, one asks her to join and shoot a moon or two
a smoother dude, he knows hes got her heart, she needs a suiter too
he uses tools, tells her to look, spits a line with his quick draw
drops her guard but then picks up her drink, full of rohypnol
its funny the way things work out, she sheds so many tears
so drunk that he couldnt fuck, so fucked from too many beers

Bored.. So bored..

Did anyone see that San Diego comeback yesterday on Tennessee? Say worrrddd..

I still managed to lose all of my money somehow..

The middle on the NE/Pitt game was 48.. what did they score? 47..

Dammit man.

12/4/07 10:12 pm - Gats and Party Hats

expressed through a liquid, after a gas then im solid
misunderstood only because you cant class the knowledge
im trashed like a college class after the bottles smashed
pull the throttle back, movin fast but you still follow acts
so holler back, another kid with a hollow tipped mind
venni vetti vicci, i rule thirty-three-six plus two-nine
i do mine, a bruised mind held up with a loose spine
the same game, eat it up to spit out a new shine
in due time, i prove minds polluted like used mines
where truth finds itself in a pool full of true lies
excuse mine, acknowledge hers, ill stick these quacks til the bills breaks
im sorry but hip-hop's dead and our saviors fuckin a milkshake
built safe just to break hard and break down from mistakes made
until the world stops spinnin im just sittin still in the same place

My life.. as of late, has consisted of nothing more than smoking blunts, watching football (losing money), tryin to holler at females, and listening to music... Not that I'm complaining. I'm merely trying to give reason for the lack of updates.

Really, there's nothing to write about.

I have no job. And really, I have no bills. I look at this situation one of two ways.. depending on what day of the week it is.. 1.) If I have no bills.. well, then there's no need for a job. So I should just enjoy life for the moment. 2.) I'm fucking stupid.. If I have no bills, then all the money from the job would be mine to spend. Get on that grind!

After sulking and wondering where life went wrong, I usually end up smoking another blunt and passing out while watching Saved By The Bell at 8:00 in the morning.

Like I said, I'm not complaining.. Life is easy now, and I guess I should be content with that.

On the upside of things, My dude Chad was smokin' crack like nobody's business for a while. I think he's finally done with that though. Now I'm not one to pass judgement as I'm always attending a Recreational Narcotic Users Meeting in one place or another.. but even I know that crack is bad news. I've sniffed my share of white lines, and I got nothing against the dude. I'm not trying to air out his business.. I'm just saying, I'm glad he's done with that.

On the downside of things, it's snowing. Literally.. frozen water molocules falling out of the sky. I hate it. I hate winter. I hate the cold. I hate not being able to walk down the street without my pants being covered in snow at the bottoms.

I was thinking back to my days with Whitney earlier.. mostly because of the snow. I was walking past the apartment complex where I kicked it with her a lot the winter we met. I mention this, because I was thinking that maybe my hatred for winter is really just hatred for Whitney. Most of our time together was spent laying in bed in the winter, chillin. Anyway, I miss her, I guess. Until tomorrow when I wake up and hope she has herpes.

Also.. My dude Mikey said he heard the baby wasn't mine. So a big 'fuck you' and 'bitch I told you so' go out to my one-night stand accomplice Regina. I hate you.

11/18/07 06:16 pm - Yall Dont Wanna C Me Jump Back In The Streets.. You Should B Happy Im Slumped Back In The Seat

San Diego lost.. No real suprise, as I actually put money on the game this week. Thats the way the ball bounces.

I finally got some new gear, so thats whats good. My cousin 'lost' my coat when I was locked up, so I've been freezin down here. I copped a new Columbia though, and an alright G-Unit piece. No Forces though..

My friend CJ has been datin' this girl for a while now. Like 2 or 3 years at least. They got it goin on for real. Their own house and all that. Anyway, CJ is my dude and all, but I'm kind of sweet on his girl, and I think she's feelin it. They fight alot, and she always comes runnin with alcohol and tears. I usually chill with her and we both get sloppy drunk. I dunno what to do about that situation. I feel bad schemin on his girl.. Or maybe she's playin him? Beats me.. All I know is Im not tryin to get stuck on stupid for a female anymore. Im sick of takin' that road. Sometimes I feel like just tellin her straight up. Like are we fuckin or what, ma? But I can't do that.. Advice?

I got a IM the other night from my girl Alli too. Shes a phat ass italian girl who I know from high school. She hit me with the 'WHERE YOU BEEN?!'.. I told her I just haven't had the net for a while. I skipped the jail part. I'm not ashamed of it, but I'm not proud. Ya dig? I don't talk to 95% of the people I used to. Theyre all doin the college thing or whatever. Most of them told me grindin down here would get me in trouble. That always pissed me off. Maybe because I knew it would? I always told them I'd get money too though. And I did. Keyword is did though. So all I keep askin myself is what do I do now? I still got some money comin in, but not like I did before. I don't even push herb anymore really. Shit, I don't even smoke much now. Anyway..

Texas Tech beatdown Oklahoma last night. That was nice. WV should jump up 2 more spots. Plus Mizz and Kansas gotta play each other next week. So hopefully we're still in the national race. I don't care where you're from, you can't say Pat White and Slaton aren't the best QB/RB combo in the NCAA.

I updated this account or whatever, with these advertisements. Shit is whack, but I did find a bunch of pictures I used to have when I had a paid account. Nice. I got my gallery on topropetalk back up too. So check that out if you follow wrestling.

Im ghost. Just figured I'd throw yall an update on what was goin on in life.

11/12/07 08:18 pm - Volume 2

Long Day
4get 2 Remember
Nothing Special
Diesel Fool
Rhyme Flubber
Drunk Bars
Twist Up
I Love U Bitch
The under
Daily Dose x2
Once 2 Times
Death Card - The D

Old writtens from 06. Lookin back on shit lately. Tryin to come correct for once.
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